Thursday, 30 June 2011

We Draw Dogs- An Introduction

Hello and welcome to We Draw Dogs, an online project about dogs of course!

So a bit about me. If you know me well enough I love pugs, like absolutely love them! I get super excited when I see one (hope that doesn't sound too weird.) Boston Terriers comes a close second followed by Samoyeds. Unfortunately we're not allowed pets in our flat, but hey ho, as soon as I have enough cash we can move into a big house somewhere in London with a big garden.... well you know what I'm getting at. One can dream.

Enough about me and more about the project. We Draw Dogs is open to anyone. Feel free to submit as many images as you like! Go crazy with it. Why not draw a poodle with a hat on? Who knows if this gets big we can start a collective dog zine, monthly dog illustration meet ups....!
And it doesn't matter if people do the same breed as well, the more the merrier!

Here are the following things you need to do when you're submitting your images:

- Send them to info @ with 'Submissions' as the title of the subject.
- Include your name, website, blog and Twitter username if you have one. All your details will basically be linked up to your post.
- Images should be about 500 pixels in width (height can be anything) and they should be 72dpi.
- What the breed of the dog is (important!)
- Last question for you: Do you have a dog? Yes/ No

This is an ongoing project and so there's no deadline. I am also planning on setting up a Facebook Fan Page in the near future.

And do spread the word! Have fun folks and can't wait to see what you come up with!